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About Us

Power Electric for Electrical Supplies and Contracting was established in 2021. The company works in the field of electricity, where it works in supplying electrical tools for companies and shops, and where Power is considered a distributor for major electrical companies such as (El Sewedy - Schneider - ABB - Mostafa Mahmoud - Siemens - Engineering House - Sanchi - Himmel-LeGrand) and a lot of companies


Our goals



We care about the details and we look forward to constantly developing our capabilities to deliver our projects ahead of schedule and with the agreed specifications.

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We are keen to provide our customers with various opportunities and options, and the best payment methods that suit their needs and are consistent with the lifestyle of each of them.



We believe that honesty in dealing is the basis of success and that commitment to transparency generates trust. Honesty, integrity and justice is the basis of the brand

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